Thursday, 12 September 2013

SPACE? Damn, it’s big!

This is me in my last job.


  1. Pay was good and I had the chance to see the world.
  2. I was a free floating agent. (did you see what I did there?)
  1. The main office was too far away.
  2. Zero G toilet??? Doesn’t bare thinking about.
  3. Mobile out of range. Comms was via aimed radio transmission???…pfft! Modern technology, eh?
  1. Fuel cost a fortune!…it was fast though.
  2. Tended to get a bit drafty when the sunroof was open.
  3. Nice views, depends which window I looked out of. Sunshine all the time, but always dark....weird.
  1. Dancing was out of the question, but Moonwalking was a doddle.
  2. One could get drunk and not worry about finding the toilets.
  3. Note to self= Sneezing obscures vision.
Yes, I know, I have no time for light relief. So, must get back to writing. :)