Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Something for Christmas?

Well, it's finally here after many months of editing, re-editing and proofing, the Rawn Chronicles Novella the Voyage of the Cybeleion is now available on Kindle on the 12th of December and shortly in paperback addition at about the same time.

This Novella follows on from Book Three of the Rawn Chronicles: The Ancarryn and the Quest, and continues the crew of the Sky Ship Cybeleion’s quest for the Gredligg Orrinn.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It has been so long since I have looked through the rough copy of The Rawn Chronicles Book Four: the Dragon and the Daemon that I found myself remembering scenes that I had forgotten.
Because I have made some changes in the first three novels, I had to seriously cut out sections and add a hell of a lot more, even to the point of adding a completely new first chapter that opens with a huge battle, which was touched on at the end of the third novel.
I’m now about half way through editing of the book and it’s going to be a huge novel, larger than the first three. 160,000 words so far and counting. Truly Epic!

The Rawn Chronicles Novella.


o, a quick update on the forthcoming Novella.

I have decided to write a short interlude that comprises of the three short stories to fit in-between the end of the third novel- The Ancarryn and the Quest and the unfinished fourth novel- The Dragon and the Daemon.

At the moment, it is written, and off to be proofread. Therefore, in the meantime, I spent some long slow hours in designing the books covers and the inner title pages accompany the three stories. Hope you like them.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Here is a treat for you.  I found this the other day while going through some old files. It is an old review for my first novel when I was trying to get it published and it gave me the boost to continue writing thanks to the genuine comments from the editor.

Thank you, Helen Kaye Watts (whom I am friends with on Facebook) for your review and support, it’s much appreciated.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The updated cover for Book Three

Fanally! After much changes and various cover options I have decided to go this one. Hope you like it. The book itself will be published at the end of March 2014.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Dedication is what you need, especially when life puts things into perspective for you.

Since I started this long journey by writing the Rawn Chronicles I never realised that events would move quicker than my ability to churn out a few novels. At the time, I used my feelings to dictate the dedication section on my books to fit with my thoughts, and so this moved me to add notations fitting  the current times, even though I had written the books years before publishing.

This is not an excuse to delete the original dedications; far from it, they will remain. This is just an announcement to add, change, reconstruct and update the current award already bestowed on others.

And it is an award. Most, of not all, writers would agree with me. The dedicatees will have their names in print forever.

There are reasons, some will remain personal and others will be known to a select few, why I do this. I hope the original names will not be offended that I give others an honoured place next to them.