Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Spoiler #1

Here is a wee treat for you.
 Below is the prologue of the forthcoming novel.
Don't say I am not good to you.



 The War of the Twelve Dragons.

Adapted from the

poem by Herodotus the Bard, and other short stories from the

Rawn Sagas.






Far from the desert sands the Divine Children came

They swept over the island that was a gift from the Gods

Shrouded in mystery, capped in fate

Keepers of knowledge, hunger to sate


The Eldi move through the earth, their powers grow with age

They seek the Earth Mother’s gift, bringing life from the lanes

Elements mix, summoning the twelve

Life brought forth, dark desires to delve


They sought too far with the creations they made

Life unleashed to destroy the vain

Scarring the land into a desolate waste

The day would come when the war would falter

Raising heroes from the lowly and time will alter


The Eldi, their fortunes doomed, carry this tale in the dragon’s dreams

The rising Arts cannot conceal the dark foreboding that this reveals





Summoning the Twelve

From the Dragor-rix by Herodotus













t began, as all things do, in the future.

          A man walked out of an opening in the air and spoke to a god. He gave the god an idea and the god saw that it was good. From that moment on, the future changed.

          The god called the man “the Watcher” for he had come many times to the past, the Watcher said he was a man, but a man with power.

          The god told the Watcher of a time when the earth was in chaos and her surface ruptured with volcanoes, her atmosphere raged with hurricanes and her seas boiled and eroded the coasts.

          The Watcher listened intently and when the god paused the Watcher said, ‘I know, for I was there.’

          The god told the Watcher that the entity that gives life to the earth is known as the Earth Mother and it was she that created him and his kind.

          ‘She called us the My’thos,’ said the god, ‘the Earth Shepherds. She gave us the ability to use the four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. We used our powers to calm and soothe the planet and travel through her high energy conduits, which lie under her crust, to the areas of destruction.’

          The Watcher smiled and nodded knowingly.

          ‘My people call them the Dragon Lanes,’ said the Watcher, ‘and we have also learnt to travel through them. It is through them that I come to you!’

          Then the god told the Watcher about the Dark Force of the Earth, an entity so volatile that it creates desolation wherever it surfaces from the earth.

          ‘He is so powerful that it takes an army of My’thos to send him back whence he came,’ said the god, ‘my kind are greatly weakened by his attacks and we are at pains to find a way to stop him.’ His great shaggy head of leaves shook in despair because he had taken the form of a tree with arms and legs, and the burning orbs of fire, that were his eyes, dimmed with the emotion.

          ‘Do not fear,’ said the Watcher, ‘for I come to you with good and bad tidings.’ He pointed to the stars in the sky, so different from the stars of his time, and indicated towards the bright star beside the rings of the moon that had been growing brighter for months now.

          ‘Therein lays your salvation and your doom,’ said the Watcher, ‘that star shall strike the earth and cause planet-wide destruction. It will bring forth the Dark Force of the Earth in all of its glory and it shall become so strong that it will take physical form, and in this form he is vulnerable.’

          ‘So what is the good tiding you bring?’ asked the god.

          ‘The answer to your salvation lies within the Great Orrinn.’

          ‘What is the Great Orrinn? We make books from stone that we call Orrinns, but have none that we call the Great Orrinn!’ the god said.

          ‘The book in question, is one you have yet to create, a book that can trap the entity forever within its stone shell, a book that you will leave to me as your legacy.’

          And so the god took the Watcher’s idea to his kind and on a lonely isle, that future man would call Carras, they encased their thoughts inside a large quartz sphere, which was their book, and the book was called the Gredligg Orrinn, the Book of Lost Souls. The Watcher witnessed the Great Orrinn’s birth and stared enrapt as fifty thousand My’thos, of all shapes and sizes, made the orb glow red with the friction of their thoughts as they passed into the orb.

Yet, the gods did not stop there.

Now we bring forth the Children of the Earth,’ said one of their number, and the Watcher stared in wonder as the gods created twelve orbs of various colours.

Let the Great Plan begin.’

The ground, in the centre of the circle of gods, rose up and consumed the coloured orbs in a torrent of sound, just before they disintegrated into bursts of energy particles.

          The Watcher nodded, knowing that the future was set. He did not stay to watch the meteor strike the earth. He did not want to wait twelve thousand years until the Earth Shepherds finally trapped the Dark Force of the Earth within the Orrinn. He had not the patience to hang around for several million years for his kind to evolve and for the My’thos to find them and teach them how to control the four elements.

          No, he left, safe in the knowledge that he had set time on the right path and that the course of events would bring him within grasp of the Gredligg Orrinn.

And complete power.