Sunday, 19 January 2014


Dedication is what you need, especially when life puts things into perspective for you.

Since I started this long journey by writing the Rawn Chronicles I never realised that events would move quicker than my ability to churn out a few novels. At the time, I used my feelings to dictate the dedication section on my books to fit with my thoughts, and so this moved me to add notations fitting  the current times, even though I had written the books years before publishing.

This is not an excuse to delete the original dedications; far from it, they will remain. This is just an announcement to add, change, reconstruct and update the current award already bestowed on others.

And it is an award. Most, of not all, writers would agree with me. The dedicatees will have their names in print forever.

There are reasons, some will remain personal and others will be known to a select few, why I do this. I hope the original names will not be offended that I give others an honoured place next to them.